Are rats causing a havoc
in your car & life?Install CARCATTMtoday!
Stop rats making
a meal of your car!
  • No more wire or cable cuts.
  • No more chewed plastics or rubber ducts.
  • No more rat related breakdowns.
  • No more unscheduled pitstops at the garage.
Don't allow rats
to ruin your car and day!

Ultrasound rodent control technology
trusted by 99.99% uptime deta centers,
now available for your CAR.

Introducing the most advanced ultrasound rat repellent for Cars

24/7 Protection against rats

Always On

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Easy Installation

Simple two Wire connection to battery

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Water Resistant

Completely sealed for car servicing

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Low Battery Consumption

A Fully Charged battery will last 15 to 20 days at least, in idle condition

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Make Your car RAT FREE!

Safe to install

Absolutely safe for humans and pets

Automotive Grade

Ensures Long life and optimum performance

German Engineered Piezo Transducer

Specially designed for Multiple frequency peaking

1 year Warranty

covers against any electrical / manufacturing defect

Installation Gallery

CARCAT under the hood of
various car brands


Ultrasound is a spectrum of sound which starts just above human hearing (20Hz to 20 kHz) range. Rats/bats/dolphins have the ability to detect ultrasound with varying frequency ranges. Rats use ultrasound for communication (distress signaling/mating calls) and to a certain extent echo location. CARCAT bombards ultrasound waves with unique patterns which disturb and disorient the rat.

In human equivalent terms it would perhaps sound like a very loud unbearable continuous screeching siren. The advanced micro-controlled automatic frequency technology ensures the rat does not get accustomed or immune to the wave pattern. Rats are highly territorial creatures and for existing infestation, there may be initial resistance for a few days but eventually the rats will be driven away.
Advance Frequency Pattern Banding Technology

Under license from MASER Electronics

Zero Maintenance

One time investment no recurring cost

Humane, Green

Does not kill or harm the rat. Causes auditory distress making your car engine bay less favorable

Power supply

Works on car battery 12V/ 24V

Output Ratings

Operating Freq. : 20kHz to 60kHz Sound Output : 80dB to 110dB

Non Interfering

Does not interfere with other parts / accessories / performance of Vehicle

Carcat is an awesome ultrasonic rodent repellent device which has been very useful to us. We found it to be an advance automatic technology ensuring rodent control. It has been a wonderful experience to have been associated with Carcat. Very well designed and very useful consuming less power.

It was really kind of you of completing my work on priority basis. Thank you CARCAT for your wonderful service.

Oh My God...... Sincerely struggled with annoying rat nuisance in my MITSUBISHI LANCER... changed my fuel pipes 5 times in just 2 months.... Bought CARCAT... with some doubt in mind with its efficacy... To all buyers... Close ur eyes and buy... It’s worth the amount they ask for... No rats since I installed it. Bravo CARCAT.... U saved me..... AWESOME. Go for it eyes closed guys.... MUST HAVE FOR ALL CAR LOVING OWNERS…

The Sales and Fixing the gadgets was Good , Hope we get a Good back up in the Years to come , as the Sales is from a Mall , hope you will pass us the new no / address if u shift your office.

After using this product for close to 6 months I can say, this is the most effective device I have come across to save my car from rodents. After fixing this not even a single instance of my car being attacked by rodents, and the best part is my wife's car normally parked next to mine also getting the protection. We have not seen any droppings inside bonnet area, which is a good indication. The only irritant with this product was a periodic buzz sound to indicate device is functional that filters inside the cabin while driving. I have contacted the seller and they promptly responded. I have shipped the item back to their office and the buzz sound was removed through a custom firmware upgrade. Awesome customer focus. Will recommend this product to anyone facing rodent issue to avoid expensive wiring repairs.

Worth money, no rats found inside compartment

After using this product in my Pajero sport. No rats have been seen around. I definitely recommend this product for other customers especially who parks their cars in farm house. Thanks seller. Thanks for this amazing product.

Have almost used this product for 1 month and trust me it works with minimum battery usage. The best solution for rodent free environment in and around your car…

I have been using CARCAT for the past one year (From Nov 2014) and it is a very effective and safe rat repellent. The customer service is excellent and very prompt.

RNA Builders
Sunny Avale
Mohisana Balsara
Prabhat High School
H Arikrishnan 
Vivek Parmani


CARCAT is tested and certified by ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) - Govt. of India
Confirms to CE - Low voltage directive (LVD) / Electromagnetic compatibilty (EMC)